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Welcome to Way To Merch, your premier print on demand store. Whether you're in pursuit of a top-notch print on demand journey or perusing our readily available selections, we're dedicated to bringing excellence directly to you. Our commitment to impeccable prints and uncompromising quality sets us apart as a print on demand destination. Join us for an exceptional merchandising experience that reflects your individuality and style. Happy shopping!

Customizable Print on Demand Products

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Product Customization Process

  • Send Custom Print Requests

    Take your product's uniqueness to a whole new dimension with Way to Merch. Whether you envision design customization, personalized products, customized merchandise, or seek to craft a unique masterpiece, we're your dedicated creators. 

    Embarking on this creative journey is a breeze. Simply drop us an email at marketing@waytomerch.com, sharing the intricate details of your design customization and personalized products. Alternatively, click the button below to effortlessly convey your unique design and custom requests. 

    Our devoted representative will swiftly connect with you to breathe life into your vision. Your contentment is our top priority, and we're thrilled to transform your inspiration into a tangible masterpiece!

  • Custom Print Fulfillment

    When your custom print request lands in our capable hands, we swing into action. Our skilled team sets to work on bringing your vision to life, infusing it with creativity and precision. We'll send you a delightful mockup right to the same email address you used to generate your customization request.

    Here's where the magic happens: You have the opportunity to request a design revision if needed. We're committed to ensuring that your custom creation matches your expectations perfectly. Once you've given the final nod of approval, your design swiftly moves to the printing stage. Remember, once your design is locked in, it's poised to transform into a masterpiece, and the change will not be possible. Rest we ensure your vision dazzles at every turn!

  • Customized Product Delivery

    ​As we near the final stage of your custom creation journey, our meticulous process ensures your satisfaction and a seamless delivery experience.

    Firstly, your design undergoes rigorous quality verification to meet the highest standards of excellence. This step guarantees that your personalized creation is nothing short of exceptional.

    Once it has received the quality seal of approval, we swiftly move on to the timely delivery phase. Your customized order is prepared for shipping and carefully packaged to preserve its integrity throughout the journey to your doorstep.

    Our commitment to precision and your satisfaction remains unwavering as we make sure your customized masterpiece arrives on time and in perfect condition, ready to become a cherished part of your world.

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